I’d heard of TMI (too much information), TTFN (ta ta for now) even TIA (thanks in advance) but TFMR – unheard of. All I know it wasn’t an abbreviation for social speak and I imagine it is only a term known to those who have had to face it.

TFMR is an acronym of Termination for Medical Reasons. Used for those women whose baby during pregnancy has a chromosomal abnormality and who have made the decision to end their pregnancy because of it.

I’m not an expert in this field, but abnormalities are usually be picked up in the 12 weeks blood test, and scan, but unfortunately it can be later into the pregnancy, around the 20 week+ growth scan.

I guess TFMR is a term for women who are pregnant with a much-wanted child. It separates them from the women who just want to get rid of a baby. Even to type this today, to say terminating a baby, still makes me hold my breath.



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